Friday, December 12, 2008

Ellie's First Christmas Concert

Elizabeth had her very first Christmas concert, it was pretty entertaining to see all the adorable little kids all dressed up in their Christmas clothes and trying to participate.
While most of the kids were content sitting up on the stage, Elizabeth was marching to her own tune (I wonder where she gets that from? :-) I kinda think she wanted to do a little solo!
Elizabeth's school did a great job pulling it all together. As you can imagine the whole thing was total chaos but i'm not sure what else you would get with about 80 toddlers running around for a Christmas concert. None of the kids knew what to do or what the heck was going on, they had someone trying to run the microphones and music who didn't have a clue, so of course the speakers were ripping loud out in the lobby but wern't on at all in the Church so everytime they tried to use the mic it sounded like the mom from Charlie Brown but in the end it just added to the entertainment value of the whole thing!
I'm already looking forward to next years concert!

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  1. Kate, this is so cute! I could imagine the chaos of all the kids running around.