Sunday, February 21, 2010

My little girl

Elizabeth is now 2 years and 8 months old and such a joy. She is such a happy child. She's had a bit of a transition the past two months with the arrival of Andrew. It's been hard for her to go through the "terrible twos" and have a new little brother at the same time.

Lately, Elizabeth has been really getting into make pretend. I love to listen to her talk with her stuffed animals and dolls. Her favorites (this week anyways) are her doll, Sarah Belle, and her baby doll, Baby Doll. She is so cute with her baby doll as she feeds her while mommy feeds Andrew, burps her, changes her diaper, gets her a pacifier, puts her in her bouncy chair etc. She is a good little mommy. But don't call her that. She will correct you and tell you that her name is Elizabeth, she is not mommy.

Elizabeth thrives with routine and order. I wonder where she gets that from?! :) She loves to read her books on the steps after dinner. There is a certain place for her baby, mommy, milk and water.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Andrew 2 months old

The pictures are a little late but it's hard to believe that Andrew is 2 months old already! He is such a wonderful little boy and such a joy to have in our lives. Andrew has really started to smile the last few weeks. He is a very content and happy baby. He is a good sleeper at night and usually only gets up once but loves to be awake during the day. I think it's because he eats so much during the day. We could hardly get Elizabeth to eat as a baby but Andrew is another story. Last night I fed him 10 oz before he went to bed. All boy!

Fun with Grandmom

My mom came out for three weeks to help us with Andrew and Elizabeth while I transitioned back to school. Her help was such a blessing and we had such a fun time with her. We just wish my dad was able to visit as well! Although the weather was pretty bad during her visit and Andrew and Elizabeth were sick for most of the time, we still managed to get out and do a few fun things. We visited the Mother Cabrini shrine in Golden. What a beautiful place! My mom told me how her dad used to drive the Cabrini nuns on errands all over Philadelphia back in the day.

Elizabeth loves stickers. However, she does not stick them on her own shirt but rather everyone else's. I think the only thing she likes better than stickers is Band aids. We're trying to put an end to the Band aid usage though as it's gotten a bit expensive. Every morning and evening, Elizabeth will put a Band aid on every little tiny cut or bruise on her arms, legs, hands and feet. Yesterday she had on 5 or 6. Today the Band aids are all gone so maybe we can put an end to it today!
Mom and I had a girl's afternoon out to tea at Cherokee Ranch and Castle in Sedalia. I wouldn't recommend it for guys . . . tiny food portions and little fancy tea cups. But my mom and I had a great time just chatting away with no kiddo interruptions. We miss you already mom!