Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall in Rocky Mountain National Park

The fall colors are in their prime right now and we took a little excursion up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see them in all of their glory.
Interestingly the fall colors in Colorado really only come in yellow which takes some getting used to for us midwesterners who are used to the full spectrum of fall. But while the colors are mono chromatic the scenery is incredably dramatic with the mountains for a back drop.
We took Elizabeth on a 5 mile hike starting from the bear lake trail head which was packed with tourists - interestingly with the weak dollar there was a huge number of foreigners from Europe and Asia that we passed on the trail. Lets hope they spent a pile of money while they were here!
We had a beautiful morning when we set out and didn't take long to reach our destination - Lake Haiyaha at over 10,000 ft of elevation. Elizabeth had a great ride up and was a real trooper but shortly after we arrived the clouds came rolling in over the mountains along with some not so distant thunder so we ended our trip a little prematurely and got back down to safety.

Elizabeth had a great time exploring and watching the birds that would come and eat out of your hands - unfortunately we didin't get a very good picture of one to share - maybe next time!
We had a wonderful time on our hike but due to the weather we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked to get to share with everyone. I guess we'll just have to go and do it all again to get some more!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Elizabeth is pretty funny lately! She learned how to point to her head, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair and feet. She still does not quite understand shoulders and knees but we are working on them

She gets very excited when you ask her were her teeth are!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Family Friend

No, don't worry we haven't been keeping secrets with you...this one isn't ours. About a two weeks ago Kate and I had the pleasure of meeting the new born baby of some very dear friends of ours, Ben and Tiffany. Dane Benjamin was born on August 24th weighing in at 7lbs 13oz - just like Elizabeth! Then this last Saturday at 13 days old I was invited back to take some baby pictures: Here is the result: Cute kid isn't he!

Even Tron wanted to get his picture taken!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More from the Secret River

While our new Alaskan VP candidate might be able to field dress a moose, it takes a special kind of woman and some real class to head out to the stream and catch a nice brown trout on a dry fly!Nicely done!

Growing Up!

Its been said so many times before but the forever old saying that kids grow up too fast could never be more true. I almost get the feeling that she is posing for her senior pictures here... how did she get so big and so cute so darn fast?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Day on the Secret River

A couple years ago I stumbled upon the perfect family fishing location on a river here in Colorado that offers everything a family could ask for: Great fishing for decent sized fish, plenty of shade, picnic tables, a nice little beach area to sit and read a book or enjoy a glass of wine, a port-o potty for the ladies, and the best part of all is that no one seems to know about it! To protect the peacefulness of our little spot we keep its location on a strict need to know basis. I didn't realize how special of a little spot I had found until I was talking about it with a local fly shop owner who then shhushhed me and gave me a look that I will never forget when I mentioned the name of this particular location. The expression on his face had such intensity as though he was mentally screaming at me and plugging the ears of the other patrons in the shop all at once. You would have thought that I was inadvertantly spilling national secrets to a foreign government or something - so from then on, mum has been the word.
Of course Elizabeth loves it here, it's a perfect place to play in the water and get dirty from head to toe. You may notice that she has different outfits on in each of the pictures... I think we went through three outfit changes while we were there - but she sure had a great time.