Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quintessential Summer - Unsalted

This was an amazing summer this year!  The kids got to spend a lot of time in Michigan on the water and Kate and I got to spend a little time with them there as well!
 Andrew and Elizabeth spent a lot of time with their cousin, Addy, who all spent nearly as much time in the water as they did out.  They had a lot of fun together!
 We got a couple of opportunities for a family photo, this one turned out the best after a great dinner in Lake Ann.  The food in this area is unbelievable, and these communities do it right.  Well out of the way of all of the tourists sits this cute little community on a small inland lake complete with its own micro brewery complete with live music and a solid restaurant next door.   (Philly Cheese Steak Pizza was definitely worth going back for.)
 While out wine tasting we stumbled upon a place to pick blueberries and brought the whole family back to do some picking.  These were some tasty blueberries!