Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend in Breckenridge

We had an amazing opportunity to spend the weekend up in Breckenridge and enjoy the high country at its finest!  Its always tough to get everyone packed up and in the car but we finally got it all done on Thursday afternoon only maybe an hour later than we had planned.  We stopped at the Buffalo restaurant in idaho springs on the way up for some good dinner, then it was a smooth trip to the condo at Breck.  
 In the morning we headed over to Keystone to head up to the ALWAYS incredible Alpenglow Stube on top of Keystone Mountain.  Dinner is crazy expensive but lunch is a real special treat and almost affordable considering the entire experience - two gondola rides just to get there, the warm slippers you get when you check in, and the food that is indescribably good. 
 Between the parking lot and the gondola are all kinds of fun things for the kids.  I sure don't remember Keystone being this kid friendly but it was fantastic.

 The kids loved the Gondola rides as well as the snow castle built on top of the mountain.

 The next day we got the kids out on skis.  Amazingly it only took about 3 runs down before they were ready to do it on their own and then there was no looking back.  Neither of us could believe Andrew!  He just went for it and never looked back - he was amazing.  Elizabeth also did a fantastic job, she even is working the snowplow!

 We even got to see our dear friends Lee and Shirley on this trip who joined us for dinner one eveing!  What fun!  Lee introduced me to some spectacular Irish whiskey called Red Breast - it was amazing!  And they also joined us with the kids skiing on the bunny hill for the afternoon ski session.  It was a blast!  We all got a pretty good workout taking turns as the human T-bar getting the kids back up to the top of the hill so they could go down over and over again!
Here is the view from the AWESOME condo!  Hard to beat that!  We can't wait until our next visit!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Under Construction - Testing, Testing....1,2,3???

Now that we are settled in to the new house and starting to get into the swing of things I thought it was time to give the blog a bit of an overhaul to allow us to show photos a little better.  I loved the old colors and patterns of the old format but needed something that would allow us to post larger photos... so hang in there as you might see some changes as I fine tune the blog...

I'm still trying to figure out an efficient method is to resize ridiculously large photos down to something that looks good on the web without making them all soft - any solid tips from you photogs out there and I'd be interested... I've been using a Photoshop action that I created but maybe there is something that is a little better... and thoughts out there?

More to come on our fun weekend at Breck