Sunday, May 15, 2011

Horseback riding

Elizabeth had so much fun at her friend, Giselle's birthday party!  When we arrived, I was not sure if she would get on the horse right away but she just jumped right on and didn't want to get off.  I also thought that the horse would be more like little pony rides but the horse, as you can see, was a pretty big horse!  Ranger was a stubborn old fellow and I had a heck of a time getting him to move at first!

 Andrew had fun chasing after sister and eating vanilla ice cream for the first time!


We had such a nice Easter this year.  One of the highlights for the kids was the three egg hunts!  One of them was a community egg hunt at a local park.  We were on a walk and literally were at the right place at the right time.  Mommy and daddy came out looking really smart from that one!  Another hunt was at school and the third was with some friend in the back yard.  Elizabeth and Giselle really got into the hunting and were at about the same speed.  Elizabeth likes to find an egg, open it up, revel in its contents and then move on to the next egg.  Giselle did a bit of that as well so there were plenty of eggs and plenty of time to pick them up.  At the community egg hunt, we had to remind Elizabeth to keep going.  She was so curious to open th eggs that she was not getting very many!

Andrew had the whole concept figured out from the get go and really liked picking them up for his basket.  But then he found a egg shaped like a ball and he did not want any more.  He was done.  He just wanted to eat the ball (the little guys loves to eat everything and loves balls)