Sunday, April 30, 2017

Port Aransas, Texas

This year Grandpa Steve and Grandma Maron spent some time in Port Aransas Texas, located on the Gulf Coast.  We had never been there, never really heard much about it, but it had the right recipe for our kind of fun: Water and beaches everywhere, semi tropical climate, small town character, in a state that values opportunity rather than entitlement.  So... we booked some tickets, brought the whole crew, and crashed the party!

First on the agenda was a guided fishing trip in the Texas Gulf Flats!  Despite not really catching much we had a good time.  We saw a ton of dolphins and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while we drove all of the place in search of fish. 
 Not even fishing... just looking...
 now we're fishing...
 Still fishing... no catching yet...
 Finally we get into something!!!  A nice Drum!

 Andrew landed a nice redfish!  Nice Catch!

Andrew also won a $20 gift certificate to Whataburger playing Bingo with the "Winter Texans", which is actually a thing...  Whataburger is now our new favorite fast food chain.  Its right up there with Chick-fil-a!

Elizabeth was feeling a bit crabby today...

 The guide on this trip was a total trip... a real, no kidding, salt of the earth Texan.  Guides often have some wisdom that they weave in to their shtick in an effort to provide some entertainment especially when the fishing is slow... this one was no different... and the fishing was slooow.
1 - never leave fish to find fish.
2 - When fishing without bait, you're just fishing on credit.
3 - When you order at Whataburger you be sure to order yourself a "doublemeat'er" (pronounced with the deepest Louisiana / Texan / Redneck drawl imaginable.)  Andrew and I followed his instructions, and wouldn't you know it... the burger was pretty dang good!

The thick, humid, salty, air made for some spectacular sunsets as well as an instant cure to the Colorado winter lizard skin that we all suffered from.

 The water was cold to say the least, but that didn't stop the kids from going in.

Each day the winds were steady blowing in off the Gulf making it perfect kite flying weather.  Grandma Maron thought the kids would have a good time with a kite so she took both of them to the kite shop in Port Aransas where they each picked up a fun kite.  Once launched in the steady breeze the kites stayed up for hours proving a lot of entertainment!

 On our last evening in Port A we had a little cookout on the beach with a bonfire, hotdogs, and smore's.

Amelia loves the beach and is our eternal beach bum

What kid doesn't love digging a hole at the beach!

Our Hosts for the trip, Steve and Maron had a great little place in a really fun town, this was an incredibly fun trip!  Looking forward to crashing the party again next year!

We had a great time in Port A!  One of the highlights had to be Big Steve's Birthday Breakfast - it was absolutely amazing!  It was at the Palmilla Beach Golf Club for Brunch.  One of the highlights had to be the experimental breakfast sandwich made from scrapple and some of the most amazing french toast you have ever had.  Also incredible were the shrimp and grits! 

We are looking forward to visiting again next year!