Sunday, March 24, 2013

Irish Prince and Princess

The kids love dress up.  Every weekend, they are dressed up as something or the other.  Two of the all time favorite staples are Belle for Elizabeth and Dumbo for Andrew.  Today Andrew was Dumbo astronaut and Dumbo St Patrick while Elizabeth danced and danced!

East coast visit

Elizabeth and I went to D.C and PA back in January to visit my best friend, Cathy and her family as well as my Great Grandmom Bunny and Elizabeth's God parents, Uncle John and Aunt Myra.  Mom and dad joined us as well and we had a wonderful time.  Our fist stop was Mama's on the Half Shell in Baltimore.  It is one of Jan and my favorite seafood restaurants in the U.S. and I think that I made mom and dad fans as well.  Especially when mom quickly discovered the Italian Bakery next door.  We then made our way to D.C. and had a wonderful visit with Cathy and her family.  They gave us the valet tour of D.C.  Every time I go there, I have a new appreciation for our great country.  Seeing the monuments in D.C. never gets old to me.  Especially when you have such amazing tour guides.

Elizabeth loved seeing D.C., especially the White House and Lincoln Memorial.  She got a quill pen, ink and paper from the Lincoln Memorial gift shop that she writes with all the time.

It was really funny as we were standing next to the Washington Memorial and Elizabeth calls us over to this tree.  She was completely amazed at the holy tree and wanted her picture next to it.  Heck with all the monuments! :)

 The Capitol Building off in the distance.  The picture below was our last visit to D.C. in June 2010.  

We were all really moved about seeing the WWII Memorial for the first time.  It was pretty amazing.  I thought about my Grandpas Joe, Jan, and Enos who fought in the war.

Thanks for a great visit friends!  We look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

After D.C, we headed up to PA to visit Grandmom Bunny and John and Myra. It was my mom's birthday which was special to be able to celebrate with her.

 The highlight of the trip was visiting with Grandmom.  I just love to sit in her cozy home and listen to her stories.  She has such an amazing life and it is a blessing and opportunity to sit and listen to her insights.  Elizabeth enjoyed playing with and talking to Great Grandmom.  I'll never forget the two of them playing with balloon volleyball together and mom driving Elizabeth around Grandmom's home for hours on end on Grandmom's walker.  According to Elizabeth, Grandmom's house is one bit treasure box to explore!

Snow days

March is always the snowiest month in Colorado.  We've had quite a few good snow days lately, so much so, that we've even pulled out the snowshoes a few times this month.  We used to snowshoe often when we lived in Monument but not so much since the kids were born.  Elizabeth is now old enough that we got her snowshoes of her own.  She's been doing really well.  And it's super good exercise. Andrew gets pulled along in the sled.

And what is snow without sledding!   We have some pretty good hills down the street that the kids love. Just watch out for the yucca plants and rocks!

For some reason, it's really fun to throw snow balls at the photographer.