Monday, November 23, 2009

Trick or Treat

Better late than never! Grandma Lois visited for Halloween and what a treat for Grandma and Granddaughter alike. Elizabeth picks up on things pretty quickly, but when it comes to new fun activities (especially ones that involve treats) she picks up on things immediately. After carving and coloring her pumpkins, Elizabeth put on her Little Red Riding Hood outfit, held onto her pumpkin flashlight (story to come later) and pumpkin basket and was ready to go. I stayed home to answer to door while Jan, Lois, and Elizabeth went off to the neighbor's houses.

Elizabeth's first stop was our house for a practice run. When Elizabeth realized that if she said "trick or treat" and/ or "happy Halloween" that she would get candy (and lots of it) she was a little girl on a mission! It was a little bit chilly outside and I thought Elizabeth would maybe last 10-15 minutes. An hour later, the trick or treaters returned with a full pumpkin basket and a very excited two year old. Elizabeth did great and absolutely loved trick or treating! She ate some peanut M&M's (strangely her favorite . . . the girl loves peanuts) and a lolly pop and that was dinner for the evening. She wanted to go out for more so Jan and I took her to a few more houses.

So back to the pumpkin flashlight...Grandma Lois gave Elizabeth the pumpkin flash light which she brought from MI. Elizabeth loved it and played with it for the two days prior to Halloween. On Halloween, the flashlight of course did not work. The bulb was broken and Elizabeth was very upset because she just loved that flashlight. Jan went to the Home Depot and purchased a $5 light bulb for the $1 flashlight. Need I say more? What parents will do for their kids!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Belly

Jan did a great job taking a few belly pictures. As you can see in this picture, Elizabeth thinks that my belly is a great seat, pillow, resting place etc. I don't mind at all as it means more hugs for me!
I really wanted to get a picture of her kissing her baby brother to be. The picture turned out to be more difficult to achieve than we had thought. It took a little bribery with a few vanilla cookies to capture this shot but I'll take it!

The best part of our family shot was the "behind the scenes." Lois was taking the picture and our friends Ben and Tiff were jumping up and down, trying to get Elizabeth to laugh. It got us all laughing and was pretty entertaining. I wish we got a picture of them as well!

When I was pregnant with Elizabeth, our friend Traci took some belly photos. If you go to her website, you can see a very similar belly shot (same pants and shirt even!) that was taken when I was about 8 months pregnant with Elizabeth. The only difference is that this time around, I am quite a bit bigger!!

(at her website go to families, portfolio, bellies and look for the same black pants)