Thursday, January 26, 2012

Traverse City Christmas

We're a bit behind on our blogs, as usual!  I'm now realizing that if I get the posts up within a month of taking the pictures, that's pretty good!  I'm setting realistic expectations on blogging this year! :)
We went to Traverse City for Christmas and had a wonderful time!  Some of the highlights of the trip were meeting baby Adelyne for the first time, getting to visit with Grandpa Jan, Christmas morning at the house and all the great food!  There were many many more highlights as well.

The kids (young and old) were so excited on Christmas morning.  Elizabeth couldn't believe that Santa could find her in Michigan! 

Andrew and Elizabeth really enjoyed spending time with Great Grandpa Jan.  They were so patient and asked him all kinds of questions.  It was really special.

Andrew especially was so precious with Adelyne.  He was always curious about "Baby Adelyne" and what she was doing and making sure that she was ok.  He loved kissing her head and feet and giving her gentle touches on the head.  He is such a gentle little giant. 

One of Andrew's favorite Christmas gifts was his very own electric drum set.  Oh joy!  It still remains one of his favorites and he plays it just about every day.  The kid has pretty good rhythm for 2 years old, I must say! 

The birthday cake facination continues for Andrew.  He loves blowing out the candles and singing happy birthday time and time again.  Good thing we had lots of birthdays to celebrate with Jesus, Andrew and Jan!
It's always wonderful to see Carla.  She is always up for anything and such an adventurous person.  All of us always have fun doing something or the other with her!

My little astronaut and fireman.  Elizabeth especially loves dressing up and role play right now and Andrew plays right along.  Now that Andrew has a Buzz Lightyear, Fireman and Pirate outfit of his own, hopefully he won't want to dress up as Belle and Tinker Belle anymore.  

And what would be a trip to TC without a stop at Don's Drive In.  Elizabeth and Andrew got to experience Jan's favorite diner, malts and all.  Now that is one happy camper!  Thank you for a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More sledding

We've been having a good time sledding this winter, Elizabeth especially.  She can't seem to get enough of it.    Andrew went down for the first time this week.  He whined about it all the way up to go!  Then he loved it.  We got him to go one more time but that was enough for him.  He is becoming more confident in the snow though.  Earlier this winter, I think that he thought he'd fall through or get lost.  Although he still does not like to fall down as he can't get up.  And he is like me.  He does not like to get snow on his hands.  Too cold!  Even though we always go sledding on 40 degree plus days (the hill near our house is north facing and has snow on it usually all winter long).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Adelyn

My brother, Casey, and his wife, Jennifer, recently had a beautiful little baby girl, Adelyn, back in October.  We decided to go home to Michigan for Christmas this year which provided our first chance to get out and see her - and Casey and Jennifer too of course.  We couldn't resist the opportunity to take some baby photos while we were there.  Adelyn and Jennifer were good sports and I think we got a few keepers!

Who doesn't love a baby in a basket?