Monday, July 27, 2009

Colorado River - The Secret Family Fishing Hole

There is a narrow window of opportunity each year on our secret hole on the Colorado River where the weather is nice and warm, the river flows have settled down to prime fishing flows and the fish are willing to take dry flies from the surface making for a wonderful day in the mountains. This year, with a late start to the warm summer weather and a very rainy spring, the runoff hasn't subsided until just recently and the fishing has finally picked up. With nothing planned on the calendar and the window of opportunity open we made a quick decision to head up to the Colorado River and our secret family fishing hole.
Elizabeth had a great time fishing. She really like holding the fishing rod, poking the rod tip into the river, and splashing the water with it. Occasionally, while "casting", she would throw the whole rod into the river and Kate or I would have to go retrieve it for her.

Elizabeth also had a great time exploring, she wanted to "go for a walk" with me wading down the river while I carried her and do some exploring. She also had a wonderful time chasing the chipmonks and looking at all of the bugs. Her new favorite was the Caddis fly which is one of the favorites of fly fisherman as it is a mainstay in the trout diet.

We also had a wonderful little picnic along side the river. We made some great sandwiches, had some cheese and crackers, as well as Elizabeth's favorite, chocolate chip cookies!

What a wonderful day! Hopefully we'll get another opportunity to get up for another day on the river before the summer is over!


  1. sounds wonderful! i love that you guys explore and have adventures together as a family. and the pics are great! can't wait to read about your next adventure!