Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dinner time

Dinner time is always entertaining at our house.  Yesterday's dinner did not disappoint.  I called everyone to sit down at the dinner table and Elizabeth said, "ok mommy but I need to go potty first."  I turned around and saw that she left a little friend at the dinner table to help her out with her spaghetti-o's.

And then there is Andrew.  He always finishes his dinner first (Elizabeth is always last but starting to do a little bit better).  We're eating and look over and Andrew is calmly sitting on Gregario.  Gregario never let Elizabeth even near him when Elizabeth was 16 months old, let alone ride on him!  Andrew and Gregario are truly best buds.  Andrew asks about Gregario first thing in the morning and right after nap.  One of Andrew's  favorite activities is feeding his furry friend dog biscuits or whatever he has left over on his meal tray.  In the second picture, Andrew is bouncing up and down on Gregario and yelling Yeah!  A Texas cowboy in the making!

                             My loyal Julio.  Don't worry, he got quite a few treats after this one!

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