Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gregario 1998-2012

Our friend and companion, Gregario, died on Tuesday (March 13th).  He was about 14 years old. We really miss him terrible.  He was such an integral part of our family and we really feel a void now that he's gone.  The house is too quiet without him around and I have no one to sit with me for hours on end while I read countless journal articles or do my "homework."    When I was going through pictures of him (a sample of which are below), I was hard pressed to find a picture folder without him in it.  Even if we were not specifically taking a picture of Gregario, he as always close by.  Gregario touched so many people's lives over the years.  Elizabeth is especially going to miss him.  As you can see by the pictures, she and Greg had a really special relationship.  Andrew as well, but as the pictures show, their relationship was a little bit different!
Time to rest our dear friend.  Thank you for everything.


 Williamsburg, VA (2000)

In the backyard (November 2011)
Feb 2009
Feb 2010
Jan's and Greg's first CO winter 2004
Fly fishing in CO
At the Flats (You want to go for a boat ride?)

 The one chore I guess that I really won't miss :) 

 Avery with Gregario 

Hampton, VA

Langley AFB, VA, 2000

Gregario, Max and Dad



 Mom teaching Gregario how to roll over.


  1. Goodbye Greg - all the Burkes will miss you!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to such a loving member of the family. Big hugs!