Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving - California Style

 We had a great time in California for Thanksgiving having a wonderful time at Disney, the beach, and getting to meet some wonderful extended family!

 One of the many highlights on the trip was having a lunch with all of the princesses!  

 Andrew enjoyed his Octo-Dogs and Mac

 The kids loved Splash Mountain and went on it over and over again while the line was short!  I went one, sat in the front, and got soaked!

This had to be Amelia's highlight, she LOVED Minnie and Minnie loved her!  Afterwards Amelia had a little "tea party" in Minnie's house.

 Andrew honestly tried to keep it off his face...

  Thanksgiving Day - After three fun filled days at Disney we headed over to Newport Beach for some fun in the Sun.  The water was a little chilly but nothing a wetsuit couldn't fix!  We all had a blast playing on the beach!

 After the beach we headed over to Kim and Fred's house for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner - Can't thank you guys enough for inviting us all over, we really had a wonderful time!!!  We made a quick get away down to the beach for some family sunset photos with Catalina Island in the background.  Amazing!

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