Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grandma is here!

As one can imagine, living 1300 miles from your first, and thus far, only granddaughter is tough especially when your granddaughter is as cute as little Ellie! So Grandma Smits packed it up and headed west for a long weekend with the princess.

Now those of you who know Grandma Smits will not be surprised to find out that while she was in town she took a few pictures worth sharing - this particular sequence is hysterical! Now that Elizabeth is eating solid food (particularly finger foods), she and Gregario have a special bond and he is never very far away. Occasionally they put on quite a show... Fortunately this time Grandma was there to capture it all - i have a feeling these may be making a reappearance a ways down the road - say at her Rehearsal Dinner :-)

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