Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look what I can do!

It is absolutely amazing watching our little Ellie grow. It seems like in just the last few weeks things are really starting to click for her. Initially when she started crawling we had to set up a gate at the top of a small flight of stairs in the house but she hadn't really thought much about climbing the other flight of stairs. Then, one day she just decided to give it a try, the most amazing part was that once she climbed the first step just just kept right on going and never looked back, all the way to the top and with no help at all - i was just there to make sure she didn't fall. Her she is climbing the last step.

Ellie and dady after summiting her first flight of stairs!
Elizabeth has also started to wave her hand, she does it all with her fingers, no wrist, and when you wave to her, she waves back, only her hand is facing her and not you :-)
One of the newest tricks in Ellie's repertoire is to use the high chair as a walker and push it all over the living room on the hardwood floor. Gregario is never far away when this is going on - he is usually watching closely any Cheerios to fall off for an easy snack - its rather amusing to watch.
And her is her newest fun little trick! It won't be long now...

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