Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cake Says it All!

Today is Elizabeth's 1st birthday! (well technically its her second depending on how you count - either way she turned 1 today) Its hard to believe that an entire year has already gone by!
Its been a pretty incredible year, and to think it all started here:
This picture is priceless, not so much because of its quality as much as its timing and the expression on Kate's face. It was taken one year ago just after labor began. (it didn't take long for that expression to change!)
And just a few hours later, I had the pleasure of welcoming our precious little daughter into the world!
So I guess technically this would be considered her Birth Day... any just look at her now - one year later:

This is the same rocking chair that I had when I was her age - it turns out it is her favorite birthday present!

Family portraits at this age seem to be much more difficult! We took this using our new fancy tripod but Elizabeth has no concept of 'look at the camera and smile' so this was about the best we could get of her - i guess if you take enough pictures.... Anyway, Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

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  1. She deserves every drop of celebration and wishes. She's such a special and sweet little girl! And congrats to Mom & Dad for surving the first year! You guys did awesome! :-)