Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Out with the Old... Pictures?

Now I had originally intended to write a post here about our family trip to the Denver Zoo this past weekend but was checking in on a friend's blog and came across these great pictures that I just had to copy and post. I hope you don't mind Amy! It turns out that seemingly forever ago Kate and Amy marched at the inauguration for Bill Clinton. You can check out her recount of the event on her blog here: Nice Job Amitha!

"Cadet Katie" and "Amitha" were roommates back in the old Academy days and later we were neighbors when Kate and Amy's husband, Rich, were back teaching at the Air Force Academy.
What cool pictures!

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  1. So glad you borrowed them and posted them! It was a pretty cool and memorable experience. . . especially hearing that Kate was telling you the story about it this morning and I heard from Andy Sincock's wife that he was lamenting to her earlier today that he didn't have any photos from it! Glad for the walk down memory lane!

    (Oh, and great zoo photos! Love all those animals. . . we definitely miss not having a zoo anywhere close. Yes, Yellowstone wildlife is cool, but for a toddler you really can't beat the zoo!)