Friday, May 29, 2009

Mom's Trophy Trout

While Kate and I were off in the Caribbean Grandma Lois was here with her sister, Aunt Carla, for a little vacation with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, aunt Carla had to leave early but grandma was able to stay a couple extra days after we returned from our trip which made for a great opportunity to get out an have a little fun in the Colorado outdoors. It was a bit of a cloudy / rainy day that was threatening thunder storms in the afternoon so we decided that instead of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park we would take advantage of the weather and go to the famous Cheesman Canyon and do some hiking and fishing. Being closer to home we would also be able to get in and get out before the t-storms hit. Once we reached the river we spotted a nice pool with no one in it and several fish working. We scrambled down from the elevated trail and were carefull not to spook these highly educated and skiddish fish. Once geared up I pointed mom off in the right direction and you can't imagine my surprise when she pulled this beast out of the river! I am still in shock! Well done mom!
Of course no fish likes being out of water... particularly the biggest, baddest one in the river! You gotta love the expression on Grandma's face!

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