Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buggy Rides

Elizabeth loves to go on buggy rides. We started her on buggy rides when she was just a few days old and her tolerance for them seems to keep increasing and increasing. She sits in her buggy with a sippy cup, pacifier, bag of crackers/Cheerios/ or banana and is as happy as a clam for up to an hour. Elizabeth and I (Kate) were on a run a few weeks ago and found the newest edition to the buggy fleet at a garage sale ... a red wagon! I had a Radio Flyer red wagon when I was growing up and have so many fond memories of it. We lived on a golf course in Pennsylvania and would collect foul balls in our yard and resell them to the golfers (at a later time of course) at the tee up the street. Michael and I would load up the red wagon with egg cartons full of golf balls and the huge green thermos of lemonade (which I still use) for a summer day of sales; we made a lot of money selling golf balls. I remember coming home with $20 plus some days. My mom and dad still have the wagon which they use for gardening supplies and cannot let go of. I probably won't be able to let go of Elizabeth's wagon someday!

Elizabeth is very funny on her buggy rides. She is specific about who gets to pull and who she would like to push. And it changes, of course, every time she gets in and out of her buggy.

Grandmom Lois took care of Elizabeth for us while we were in the Grenadines. They had a wonderful time together (and with Great Aunt Carla) and we will have more pictures posted soon!

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