Sunday, April 11, 2010

Andrew 4 months old

Our little Andrew is not so little anymore. While Elizabeth would be able to wear her clothes for months and months after the size indicator, Andrew is another story. Although he is only 4 months old, he has totally outgrown all of his 3-6 months clothes and now wears either 6 month + or 9 month old clothes. Jan calls him meatball (lovingly that is). To me he's my little sweetheart.

Andrew has the best smile I've ever seen. When he smiles, his entire body smiles. He even laughed a little bit this weekend at the applesauce song Elizabeth 'composed' (she has a song about everything and sings it over and over and over again. Today in church she decided to sing the ABC's and the days of the week in both English and Spanish while everyone was singing). He really enjoys his exersaucer and bouncy chair. The other thing he enjoys is his blanket. He likes to suck on it or put it up to his face and make sounds with it. It's pretty cute. Andrew is learning how to roll over. I often find him stuck on his stomach with his arms caught underneath his body. He's learning how to hold his head up while he is on his stomach but he's not quite there yet.

As a previous post suggests, Andrew is also a good pooper. I guess when you drink 50+ oz of milk every day, it leads to epic poops. Last week I received a call from Andrew's school. I always worry when school calls so the director immediately said that Andrew was ok but that she had a question. Andrew was sitting in the exersaucer and had a poop that went up his back, into his hair, all over the exersaucer and everywhere else. The women in the infant room had never seen such a big poop in all of their lives. The director wanted to make sure that Andrew wasn't having a problem or something (which I appreciated) but I could not stop laughing and could only think of how I was glad it wasn't me that had to clean it up but that I sure did owe some big thank you's to Andrew's teachers.


  1. Oh My! I can't stop laughing over that poop. . . it IS a good thing you didn't have to clean it up. Wow! (I'm still laughing!)

    He's so adorable!

  2. He's HUGE!!! Can't believe it's already been four months. We need to see you guys soon.