Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Been More Busy

Spring is here and Summer isn't too far away. The nice weather has finally settled in and appears to be here to stay - for a few months anyway.

Andrew now is nearly 6 months old believe it or not and Elizabeth is almost 3 years old with both milestones occurring in June. Andrew just started sitting up on his own a few weeks ago and just started solid food this weekend and has to be the happiest little boy I have ever seen and a fantastic sleeper during the night (but only a power napper during the day). Elizabeth continues to grow and amaze us everyday with the purity and warmth of her heart and just how smart she is - she is truly a special little girl.

Kate is wrapping up her PhD dissertation with her defense slated for July and two exciting offers for teaching / research jobs once she is finished. I'm very interested to see which one we end up choosing. Somehow on top of all of that she has found time to do Air Force reserve duty as well. I know its a welcome change of pace for her but the commute is terrible and the timing right now is difficult with her defense so close.
As for me, I'm leading a development program at work that has been every bit as much of a social engineering problem to solve as it has been an aerospace and electrical engineering problem. So far its been going very well but its exhausting keeping the ship sailing on the right course. Having just completed our critical design review we are now wrapping up some rather major last minute problems that popped up and starting to manufacture real hardware which is very exciting. Hopefully the pressure will let up soon.
Somehow I have also become a baby photographer having taken photos for several of our friends who had babies in the last few months which has been great fun and another one lined up in the next couple weeks depending on when "Aunt Tiffy" delivers.

Of course Andrew and Elizabeth have been having a lot of fun this spring with regular trips up to Pearl Street in Boulder, the Denver Zoo, birthday parties, and of course almost daily trips to one of the parks near by. Despite our chaotic schedules we have managed to keep the kids at the center of it all. Our off-Fridays at home with Elizabeth and Andrew are absolutely priceless and a wonderful way to spend some quality time with them.

Things have never been more busy in our house but fortunately things are going very well for everyone. We are all looking forward to Kate to completing her PhD and are excited for her. What an accomplishment!

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  1. You guys never cease to amaze me! So many exciting and wonderful things happening. You'll be in my prayers to get through this busy time with ease. And I can't get over how big your adorable kiddos are getting!