Sunday, July 11, 2010

Andrew 7 months old

Andrew is unbelievably 7 months old already, such an amazing little boy and a blessing in our lives.  He is extremely mobile, crawling everywhere and attempting to pull himself up on everything.   He is very determined which results in numerous bonks on the head.  Poor little guy (or "Captain Density" as my brother crowned him).   Unfortunately, we are going to have to get the baby gates out again in a few weeks.  A pain for Jan and I but I'm sure Elizabeth will just see it as an adventure.  Andrew's fist word is "da da."  He calls both Jan and me da da in between pretending that he is a dinosaur and clapping his hands.

He and Elizabeth get along so well and play nicely together, most of the time.  The problem is that Andrew always wants what Elizabeth is playing with and vise verse.  Today, Andrew was playing with a Winne the Pooh Jack in the Box that Elizabeth has not touched in over a year.  However, it immediately became the most interesting and important toy in the world.  The good thing is that Elizabeth enjoys taking turns with Andrew and really likes to help him learn how to play with things too.

Andrew is so different than Elizabeth at this age.  For example, until about three months ago, whenever Elizabeth woke up, she immediately yelled "I want my mommy" or at 7 months old she would scream and cry.  Andrew, on the other hand, enjoys hanging out in his crib for 20 minutes, talking to himself, playing with his feet or just looking around.  I even find him standing in his crib in the morning or after a nap, practicing his balance (we've obviously lowered the crib since this picture).


  1. What a beautiful little boy. Joy is pouring from his eyes! My one year old son has that look too. Congratulations on your lovely family.

  2. Just happened on your website since mine is just before yours. Andrew is very cute. Congratulations.