Saturday, November 6, 2010

Andrew 11 months old

My little baby is almost a toddler.  And well, to most folks size standards, he probably already is a toddler.  When I get to hold baby Regan or our friends Ben and Tiff's little girl, it makes me realize that I never really had a little baby with Andrew!  He was born a toddler!

Andrew is such a fun and handsome fellow.  And oh so happy and loving.  He just lights up our lives with his laughter, hugs and gentle spirit.  Andrew walks all over the place now and can crawl up the steps. This last month, he got his second tooth.  Elizabeth likes to count his teeth and then try to count her twenty teeth.  Our eardrums are hoping to survive Andrew's newest trick - he really likes to scream from the top of his lungs.  We're trying to teach him, no Andrew, too loud but that kid has lungs.  Elizabeth used to scream and the tone really hurt Jan's ears but did not bother me as much.  Andrew's scream, on the other hand, absolutely kills my ears.  

Andrew's first Oreo.  A huge hit!  

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