Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elizabeth and her buddy Andrew (13 months old)

Elizabeth and Andrew get along so well together (at least the majority of the time . . . I often here 10-20 times during the day, "Mommy, look at what Andrew is doing!"  poor little guy, it will be that way for the rest of his life).  Elizabeth does such a good job including Andrew in play.  Elizabeth is always playing doll house with all kinds of little friends (bugs, dinosaurs, mommy, daddy, baby, prince, princess etc).  Andrew likes to be the doll house daddy and the dinosaur.  Elizabeth and mommy get to be everyone else.  Elizabeth just goes along with it when Andrew creates an earthquake, shaking the doll house and all of its contents and never seems to get upset with him.  One of their favorite games is sailboat.  They get into the laundry baskets and pretend they are sailing somewhere.

Andrew is 13 months old now and talking up a storm.  He has a very distinct vocabulary that would make no sense at all to an outsider but that Jan, Elizabeth and I can figure out.  His favorite words are apple and yogurt ("do do") and of course bottle ("ba ba").  Andrew likes to play with his play cell phone (which he calls da da).  He picks it up, opens it and says hello.  Then he'll listen for a few seconds and hand it to me as if saying here mom, the call is for you.  His other favorite activity is dancing.  This little boy, unlike his daddy, likes to dance!  He spins around and bops up and down to whatever music is on.  Lois and Jan got the kids a singing and moving dog for Christmas which he and Elizabeth dance to.  It is pretty cute.  He is also super interested in wind up toys (Elizabeth was afraid of them at this age) and likes to follow them around the room and then pick them up or turn them over and see what happens.

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