Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday

My baby girl is 4 years old!  Absolutely amazing.  She is such a smart and loving child of God!  Grandmom Maron and Grandpa Steve came out for Elizabeth's party.  They so wanted to be there and what a party it was! 22 adults and 11 kids in our little "cottage" of a house.  Thank goodness that the rain held off (the thunder literally started the minute the last guests departed) so that we could be outside the entire evening.

The kids (and adults too) had such a fun time.  The party theme was Princess Bug Party as that is what Elizabeth wanted.  It was perfect as there were a few little boys at the party who would have felt a bit left out if it was just a Princess party (although Andrew would not have cared - he gets to dance to princess music every night and his sister puts barrettes in his hair).

The kids had a fun time playing all kinds of bug games.  We played pin the ladybug on the leaf and then went on a bug hunt.  Dad hid a bunch of plastic bugs in the park behind our house and the kids had a blast trying to find them.  We then had a butterfly pinata.  As you can see, there are strings on the pinata so that you pull the strings instead of hitting it with a baseball bat.  Some say weak, I say, 4 years old!  The kids had a fun time!

 We usually like to make birthday cakes of various shapes and sizes but this year I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and decided to buy a store - cake.  And was it worth it.  I would have to say that it was the prettiest and yummiest bug cake I've ever seen and tasted in my whole life.

 As usual, looking for "friends" in the dirt.

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  1. She looks like Madeline in the picture of her ducking under the tree!