Friday, July 8, 2011

Flats Labor Camp - 2011

This year my parents took on some big projects at the flats adding a fantastic new dock, putting a new steel piling foundation under the place, and taking down the enormous trees that threatened to fall on the cottage.  It definitely looks different!!! 
The new dock adds a whole new dimension to the cottage, I can't wait to sit at the end and do some fishing with the kids!
 While my parents made some big improvements, there was a lot of maintenance that needed to be done on the exterior of the cottage so we all descended on the flats for a work weekend including my parents, Casey and Jennifer, myself, and a good family friend, Sarah.
 The main task for the weekend was to strip the exterior walls and get some new pain on them.  They were looking terrible after years of harsh weather exposure and everyone worked hard to get the job done.

 One of our improvement projects was to add a roof over the dish washing station to help keep the sun and rain of the dishes and the person cleaning them.

 After a long day of dirty sweaty work it was time for a bath at the end of the new dock...

 That is the expression for refreshing in Michigan.  Elsewhere in the country they simply call that freezing cold.

 After working hard all weekend (and it was clear that Sarah won the award for working the hardest - thank you again Sarah!) it was time for a nice boat ride and lunch at the quintessential flats establishment - Brown's.  Great weekend - looks like we will have to make this an every year or every other year event!

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  1. Wow it looks so different without the trees! The dock is a great addition. Thank you for sharing.