Friday, July 22, 2011

Ode to Summer

Andrew and Elizabeth take summer fun to a whole new level.  They have so much fun playing outside, no matter what they are doing.  With Elizabeth, she is usually looking for bugs, playing in the sprinkler, running races across the backyard or building a sand and sea shell dinner for mommy or daddy.  Andrew is usually splashing water all over his sister or wandering around.

Andrew has just now figured out the bug thing.  He knew quite a few months ago that sister was totally facinated with bugs but could not really see them.  Now he knows what he is looking for and likes to find them, point, and say bug, bug, bug over and over again.   And while I am thinking about it, tonight Andrew really started to roar like a dinosaur while playing doll house.  We like to play that the dinosaurs are invading the doll house and then dollhouse mommy, daddy, baby, prince and princess ride around on the dinosaurs.

Elizabeth requested that daddy give her and Andrew a bath this evening.  It's a very unusal request as usually when daddy gives them a bath and mommy is around, all I hear for 15 minutes is whining for mommy.  But I was fine with that and took the opprotunity to fold two of the eight baskets of laundry that had accumulated as a result of a crazy busy week.  Andrew got out of the bath first.  When I give the kids a bath, I get Andrew out first and put his diaper and clothes on and then get Elizabeth out and do the same.  Jan puts Andrew's hoodie towel on and lets him run around the second floor crazy for a while while he washes Elizabeth.  So there is Andrew, running from room to room with his doggie hoodie towel on.  And then it got really quiet.  Anyone who has been around Andrew knows that quiet only means one thing.  I turn around from the laundry, look down and plop plop.  Poop landing on the floor.  Yes, Andrew managed to poop and pee on the floor.  What is it with this kid and poop stories!

Elizabeth thinks that the silliest things are funny.  She learned the word "dude" at school and now everyone is "dude".  Well, more specifically, "dude eyeball."  She says it so much that Andrew goes around calling her dude eyeball now.


  1. I love seeing all the pictures! I can't believe how big the kids are. Elizabeth looks just like Kate and Andrew looks just like Jan! I love it! :) :)