Sunday, August 7, 2011

Before and After

Yup its time for another Gregario feature...  I think its safe to say that poor old Gregario has been a bit neglected ever since the addition of Elizabeth and then Andrew.  He doesn't get out for as many walks, his nails aren't trimmed as often as they maybe should be, there are random toys left laying in his bed, periodically Andrew sneaks up on him and tries to ride him like a horse, and of course there is always dinner...  I knew that Gregario would have a whole new outlook on Elizabeth and Andrew once they started eating in a high chair - In Gregario's eyes Elizabeth morphed from source of his neglect to a source of gourmet eats.  Andrew has taken it to a whole new level as his all-boy energy decides its time to eat and the food goes everywhere.  Gregario being a senior and now wiser dog strategically positions himself to be right in the drop zone under Andrew's seat and frequently finds himself in hog heaven and consequently also covered in food.  While Andrew usually needs a bath after dinner its not that uncommon for Gregario to need one too.  Just the other day he was covered in yogurt that required the hose...  

 A couple of times a year Gregario finds his way onto the blog and I just couldn't resist posting these shots taken a few hours apart.  These were taken when Kate and I returned from sailing in the Caribbean only to find there had been a fair amount of rain while we were away and the grass was now two feet long, then in an Edward Scissor Hands moment after seeing Gregario out in the grass it was pretty obvious that while we were mowing...
Greg now happy with his dapper do can now sleep without panting all night from the heat and what do you know, the grass looks better too!


  1. That is too funny! Maggie feels the same neglect that Gregario does. . . too bad we can't get them together to commiserate!

    Any word on LA?

  2. Hahahaha! This picture is so funny.