Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day on the Williams Fork

Its a mid October Saturday with highs in the mid to upper 70s for the front range!  A perfect day to get the family up into the mountains one last time before things start to cool off for the year.  We decided to head up to the Williams Fork river near Parshall CO for a little family picnic on the river, some fishing, and a nice hike.

 We set out on our hike to the river which is about 1 mile away just over on the other side of that hill.
 Andrew didn't like riding in the backpack at all.  He doesn't like swings, or rides that move, he barely likes the penny pony at the super market so you can imagine how he felt about being strapped into the backpack and riding on my back.  Elizabeth on the other hand did a great job!
 Once we got there Andrew did just fine and had a great time playing by the water.

 It didn't take long to land a really nice Brown.  This was by far the biggest one for the day but all the others weren't bad.

   Elizabeth had fun fishing too and caught a couple nice browns as well on the spinning rod.

 Andrew got a little practice as well with his little rod casting with mommy on the bank.

The walk back to the car was exhausting.  Fortunately Andrew slept this time - except for the part where I slipped and nearly fell - he didn't like that at all!  Elizabeth started to run out of gas on the way back and would occasionally just sit down on the path and take a break - it was slow going.  It was getting late considering we still had a 2 hour drive home and the kids were pooped so I carried both Elizabeth and Andrew when Elizabeth needed to rest.  Eventually we made it back to the car and started to head home.  Of course we had to stop in Empire at the "Dairy King" for a chocolate malt on the way home.  There wasn't even any traffic on I-70 - how perfect!  What a fun day!

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