Friday, April 13, 2012

Catch of the Day

This year's inaugural fly fishing trip was a little later than past years due to hectic work schedules, a house that for some reason doesn't want to sell, and lots of fun things going on with the kids.

I had the day off and headed out to the stream - only today, of all days, I didn't have a proper camera - long story but i knew this was going to happen...  fortunately I had the blackberry to save the day!

This time of year the big rainbows and cutts from the lake make their way into the river to spawn providing a great opportunity to hook into a hawg on the fly rod.  This one took a big articulating egg sucking leech, a little home brew concoction I made up, giving me a little more confidence that I might actually land him (2 big hooks and a stronger leader).  When I set the hook I knew immediately that this was a big boy!

I also had a great time catching a bunch of 12 inch-ers - so many I lost count - fun day!

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