Sunday, May 27, 2012

Casey, Jennifer, and Adelyn Visit

Casey, Jennifer, and Adelyn, otherwise know as "baby Adelyn" in our house, made it out to Colorado for a long weekend visit.  To give them the true Colorado Experience we headed up to "The Condo" in Breckenridge.  We just LOVE using the condo and are extremely fortunate to be able to do so.  I'm really glad Casey, Jen, and Adelyn got the chance to spend some time there as well!

With the weather cold, and a mix of rain and snow in Breck, we headed over towards Glenwood Springs to hike up to Hanging Lake located right off of I-70 near the west end of Glenwood Canyon.

 Before heading up the 1.2 mile hike with a 1000 ft elevation gain, we stopped for some group photos!

 Elizabeth did fantastic hiking up on her own.  About three quarters of the way up her little legs had given all the could and she and Kate decided to head back and look for bugs on their way back down.  In order to keep this a fun family activity with the kids, we've learned that sometimes its not about making it to the top but just being out there.  Elizabeth did a great job and we are really proud of how far she went.  I be by next year she can make it to the top without any trouble.

 The last bit of the hike was spectacular with views of the valley we just hiked up and a steep final climb to get to the lake at the top.

 The lake is full of mineral deposits and the water is crystal clear with waterfalls at the far end.  This is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Andrew had a good time feeding the little brook trout his peanut butter sandwich that he didn't want to eat.

And of course the little chipmunks were in full force scavenging from the hikers.  This one didn't have to work too hard as Aunt Jennifer made it easy on him with a delicious piece of apple.  

Andrew thought it was pretty cool to see him so close.

After spending some time at the lake we headed back down the mountain to catch up with Kate and Elizabeth.  The lake fed a small stream and at the bottom of the trail the kids got a chance to play in the river a little and provided some great opportunities for some fun photos.

 Adelyn did great on the hike riding in Casey's chest pack.  She even decided to take a little snoozer on the way back down.

 Elizabeth had a blast, she even found a bunch of snail shells on the hike and had a couple of butterflies land on her which she loved!

While in Breck the kids wanted to do some ice skating - so of course we did just that - who can complain about having the whole rink to ourselves and then follow it up with a burger special at the Breckenridge Brewery on your way back to the condo before nap time!

Of course with Casey here, we had to get out and do some fishing.  The intel gathered at the flyshop said Salmon Flies on the Colorado!  Who can't resist big fish caught on big flies?!?!

Driving down to the river we enter An incredible canyon!  Casey couldn't resist getting his photo taken...
This is a pretty fishy place although we had a rought go due to the weather.  The fish were keying in on the Salmon Flies but it was cloudy and overcast - The salmon flies like the bright sunny days.

Casey worked the river pretty hard with a streamer and moved a lot of fish but couldn't get any to really commit. 

Finally the Salmon Flies started coming out!  They are probably the coolest bug in the river.  They are HUGE and the trout seem to love them!
I finally hooked into a good one on a streamer.  

 I'm guessing this place is going to be dynamite in the late summer and fall!  I can't wait to come back!

We had a great time with Casey, Jennifer and Adelyn!   We are really looking forward to seeing you guys this summer.

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