Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daddy - Daughter Fishing Trip

Yesterday I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to come fishing with me in the little boat, I was pretty excited when she said that she did!  Its been a while since we had the boat out as we have been extremely busy moving out of the old house, getting settled into the new house, business trips, etc.  So finally I thought it was time to get it out and check out one of the famous high country lakes; Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

We loaded up the boat and the truck and headed out, Elizabeth had a great nap on the way out.  Unfortunately the lake is about 2 hours away but it is legendary for its monstrous trout.  We dropped by the Chaparral Park General Store and picked up some interesting lures from Australia that seem to be all the rage: Tasmanian Devils.  I bought 3 of them and let Elizabeth pick out the one she wanted on her rod.  She picked the Pink and Yellow one.
It turned out that depite having 3 different rods in the water all of the fish were caught on Elizabeth's Rod.  Halfway through our adventure after eating our lunch, we hear the drag on Elizabeth's rod start to sing.  I was convinced the rod was snagged on the bottom but after tightening the drag applying a little pressure I was shocked to feel a BIG fish on the other end.  I handed Elizabeth's rod back to Elizabeth while I pulled in the other rods and got them cleared out of the way. 
Elizabeth wasn't making any headway on the fish and I was getting concerned that there wasn't much line left on the spool - I really didn't want to let this one get away!  With the boat clear of extra lines I turned it towards the fish and helped Elizabeth to real it in.  She did a great job especially once it got close to the boat - a lot can go wrong but Elizabeth listened well and kept it clear of the engine.  It still had a lot of fight left in it but eventually we got it in the net and into the boat.

Hard to believe at barely 5 years old Elizabeth has now landed a trophy trout that many people try  their whole lives to catch and are eluded by.  Great work!

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of these two characters on the way home.

On the way back we drove the entire way home through a thunderstorm.  We decided to stop and get a snack at Coney Island - a random restaurant that is shaped like a hot dog.  Elizabeth got a chocolate milkshake and once wound up on sugar decided up don this creative little number!

Gotta love this pose!  We had a great time - I'm really looking forward our next adventure!

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