Sunday, August 26, 2012

My favorite running trails

I have a very short list of  my favorite places to go running in all the world.  These are the places that as a runner, I dream about hitting the trail.  When I say that the list is short, well, it consists now of three places: Zion National Park where I went with my mom and dad in high school and stayed at River Mary's house, somewhere near Nakuru Kenya where I went with Karen prior to meeting up with Rashi (we went for a run and there were giraffes and chimpanzees in the middle of the road) and now Les Diablerets Switzerland.  Les Diablerets is a small ski town in the Swiss Alps.  I was fortunate to get the opportunity to attend a conference there for a week in June.  Every morning, I went for a run along the river that runs from the glaciers and through the sleepy little town.  There is a biking/running/cross country ski path that runs along the river.  And were the path ends, well, there is a road that passes by all the farms with the sheep and cattle to keep you company.  What a beautiful place.  I hope that I get back there again someday.

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