Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Andrew's 3rd Birthday

Our little buddy is 3!  Andrew was so excited about his birthday.  He decided that he wanted a yellow fish cake for his birthday so we had at it, thanks to a little help from Martha Stewart.  Andrew's cake didn't look at all like Martha's when it was all said and done.  With the help from Andrew and Elizabeth (and some proportionality issue help from Jan) it looked even better!

Andrew is such a wonderful and loving little boy.  He tries really hard to obey and be good; some days he is more successful than others.  I think a lot of that is competition with big sister.  We like to play with the kiddos one on one sometimes and when you get Andrew alone, he is very good.  He is such a happy and goofy little guy who is always making us laugh and smile.  As for his favorites  looking back on last year, they've changed quite a bit!   Favorite food - scrambled eggs, candy- lollypops,  game - building tents, hide and seek, movie - Veggie Tale's Little Drummer Boy, activity - playing drums and guitar and taunting sister in some way shape or form, book - Look and Find, stuffed animal - turtle and Nemo, song - changes weekly

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