Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Under Construction - Testing, Testing....1,2,3???

Now that we are settled in to the new house and starting to get into the swing of things I thought it was time to give the blog a bit of an overhaul to allow us to show photos a little better.  I loved the old colors and patterns of the old format but needed something that would allow us to post larger photos... so hang in there as you might see some changes as I fine tune the blog...

I'm still trying to figure out an efficient method is to resize ridiculously large photos down to something that looks good on the web without making them all soft - any solid tips from you photogs out there and I'd be interested... I've been using a Photoshop action that I created but maybe there is something that is a little better... and thoughts out there?

More to come on our fun weekend at Breck


  1. We're still trying to figure the same thing out ourselves as we upload photos I take to our new website (also how to lock them down so they aren't copied). I'm using Aperture on the Mac to work on our photos. Will be working on it this weekend so will let you know how it goes:)
    -- Trish

  2. Hey There! So far the best I have been able to come up with is a little script that I run that reduces the size and adds some sharpening... need to figure out the lock down thing - interested to hear how you make out!