Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Flats - Summer Vacation - Part 1

July 4th we arrived in Michigan to start our 2 and a half week vacation starting at The Flats!

 We arrived right in the middle of the fish fly hatch which covers the cottage every evening in large mayflies.  Elizabeth loves to play with them and couldn't resist covering herself with them for a picture!

 This year Elizabeth has really been doing well with her swimming and we decided she was now ready for the jet ski.  She absolutely loved it and wanted to take it everywhere.

Andrew loved Grandma's Banana Bread so much he decided he better help grandma make a fresh batch.  That was some amazing Banana Bread!


While in Michigan we took the opportunity to teach the kids a little about guns, and why they are dangerous.  Turns out a milk jug and a shotgun makes for a pretty good display.

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