Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old Mission Light House at Night

We had a great time in Traverse City over Christmas and were able to get out and enjoy many of my favorite places and restaurants.  We were driving home after an exquisite dinner at Patisserie Amie, and noticed for the first time since we were there that we had a clear sky.  We took a little detour home to stop by the Old Mission Light House to attempt to get a cool picture of it and the starts using the new tripod I received for Christmas!  

Amazingly it wasn't that cold out and after fiddling around with the mirror lock up and a few long exposure settings I was able to get this image.  The Lighthouse was all lit up with Christmas lights making for some fun lighting.

Walking back to the car I looked back down the path set everything back up and got this last parting shot.  I'm looking forward to my next night time shoot!

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