Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Viva Italia! - Part 2 - Padua

After a couple of days in Venice it was time for Kate to head over to her conference in Padua.  We stayed right in the heart of the old town area of the city and while Kate was working at the conference I was on foot all over the city!

Here in Padua the great pioneer of Astronomy, Physics, and Mathematics, Galileo Galilei, was a professor at the University of Padua.  This tower above was the observation tower he used what a professor there in the 1600's.

One of our favorite things about Padua was eating dinner out in the plaza out doors each night.  The weather was great and it was clearly very popular amongst the locals.  This shot was taken at 10:30PM on a Tuesday night.  We had some great food here and really enjoyed the local culture. 

While you might be thinking this is Venice, it is actually Padua.  

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