Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Gold Will Shine!

This past weekend was my 10 year USAFA class reunion. What a great time! Unlike most colleges in which a reunion consists of a fancy dinner, a USAFA reunion consists of an entire weekend jam packed with events . . . maximizing contact time as usual. The weekend started with a Thursday night jaunt to one of my old 'college' hangouts, Jack Quinns in downtown COS. Jan was gracious enough to Elizabeth-sit for the evening and Cathy and I had a fun night out on the town. I have not been to Jack Quinns in years and to have about 300 of my classmates and their spouses in the place all at once was a lot of fun. Cathy and I both lost our voices after about three hours of conversation and standing in a bar for hours at a time at 7 months pregnant did me in. We retired at 11 pm when the party was probably just getting going! It was so much fun to have Cathy out for the weekend and be able to attend all the events with my best friend!

The events that followed included a Friday evening formal dinner and Saturday tailgate and football game (Cathy got us matching gold sweaters to wear . . . big hit among those in the know). Well, there were a ton of additional events but these were the ones we chose to attend. The dinner was fun as I got to introduce Jan to some long lost friends and reconnect with many people. I really enjoyed the tailgate and football game as I got to sit with my dear friends Amy and Rich (and Hayden and Benjamin) and Amy's mom and dad. Considering the fact that I'm not the biggest football fan in the world (as my family knows) I spent the majority of the game socializing and playing with Hayden and Ben. It was much more interesting to me to watch how little boys play as I will have my own eye opening experience in a few months.

Elizabeth and Daddy had a fun time on Saturday while Cathy and I were at the football game. Elizabeth is at such a fun age right now. She is really starting to figure things out and has an amazing personality. One of the great things about our neighborhood is that we have four parks within a 1/4 mile of our house, the closest one being right behind our house. Elizabeth loves going to the little park, big park, Elizabeth park etc. Her modes of transportation include the fast buggy, slow buggy, wagon or Elizabeth walk. Her favorite park is the Elizabeth park. Recently she has figured out the climbing wall and will climb up and go down the slide over and over again. She is getting really good at it. One of her favorite characters is Curious George and sometimes she pretends that she is a monkey or will say something like "build sandcastles like Curious George" or "go on an airplane ride like curious George". Her imagination is beautiful.


  1. ...and no one had any problem finding the "golden waldoettes!"

    what do the letters on Elizabeth's shirt stand for?

  2. We had such a great time seeing you! And I loved your sweaters. . . they were awesome! I have few photos of the football game up on my blog. You'll be a great mom of a boy! :-)

  3. btw...the color did suit both of you quite looked great!

  4. ISR is for Infant Swim Resource
    It is a great organization that teaches babies (6 mo +) to swim. Elizabeth took the lessons and can float on her back and flip over and swim at 2 yrs old.