Saturday, October 10, 2009

Recording Project

So a while back you might have seen that I have started playing drums for a church here in the area. Recently, the band leader, Shelly, decided it was time we we make our own CD and asked me to help out with the project. I absolutely love song writing and recording so I couldn't turn down the opportunity.
Studio time is extremely expensive and it can be very stressful if you go in unprepared. To get ready for the project I spent some quality time with the new drums practicing usually while Elizabeth was taking a bath. After her bath, Elizabeth would usually come down and play drums with me which is always a treat! I set up two drums from my old set on the floor for her and she bangs away with me and has a good old time! She is great about wearing her hearing protection too! After a couple of serious song writing sessions to work out all of the parts it was time to head up to the studio and get it all on tape - which these days is actually a computer hard drive.
Kate and Elizabeth came up to check the place out while we were setting up and had fun playing with Shelly in the woods outside the studio. Here is my amazing new drum kit set up in the studio prior to recording! It sounds absolutely spectacular!
Bob is the guy who owns the studio and is doing all of the recording work for us. As it turns out he also goes to the church and is playing a few of the guitar parts on it as well.
Once we got rolling it was like a well oiled machine, we did each song in about 3 takes making sure we had solid bass and drum parts as well as some basic guitar tracks. The guitar guys went back later and laid down some additional guitar tracks to fill it out and thicken it up.
We had a great time recording and I can't wait to hear the finished product! We are having a release party/worship night on Nov 1st to release the CD. It will also be available on iTunes too. I'll be sure to put up a post once it's out.

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