Sunday, December 6, 2009


We have so much to be thankful for this year to include our wonderful families. My mom and dad came out to Colorado on Thanksgiving Day and brought the beautiful Texas weather with them. Thanksgiving and the Friday after were in the mid-sixties and we made the most of it by spending a lot of time outside at parks, sitting on the back porch and going to Boulder.

Elizabeth loves going to the park and the more people to go down the slide with, the better. After grandma and grandpa went down the slide about 10 times, they figured out that Elizabeth would still be entertained if they just stood at the top of the slide instead of at the bottom. You see, Elizabeth will continue to ask you over and over and over again to go down the slide with her until you give in. She goes down all by herself but enjoys the company. I think she needs a playmate. Hey! How about a little baby brother!

On Saturday, we headed up to Pearl Street in Boulder. The highlights for Elizabeth were the rocking pig outside a store, an ice cream cone (I've never seen anyone devour ice cream like Elizabeth) and her butterfly balloon hat! We found a great place for lunch, the West End Tavern, and the highlight for dad and Jan was the Odel's Bourbon stout. They liked it so much that (1) Jan tracked it down at a specialty liquor store so that they can have it again the next time my dad visits (I must mention that a bottle of this been costs more than most bottles of wine we purchase) and (2) we had to go back to the tavern this weekend for seconds. . . and they were out.

Elizabeth does not understand locations yet so the entire time we were in Boulder, she asked us "where is my boulder?" So we found this big boulder to take a picture but Elizabeth was not convinced. She kept saying that this is not a boulder, this is a rock!


  1. Great to see your parents! I miss getting to visit with them when they come to Colorado. You all look wonderful!

  2. I used to make fun of dad's Blue Blockers? We've gotta have a chat dad!

  3. Elizabeth, when you come to Camp Grand-mom this summer I will take you to Round Rock, the Texas town named after a rock! And we will ride a pony !!!! You are a fashion Diva sweetheart, love the hat.

  4. Katie,

    I love your blog. Your photography skills are wonderful - I especially like the one of your mom & Elizabeth in this post. The lighting is perfect!

    Jeannette shared this address with us when she visited at Thanksgiving. It's great to be able to see you and your family. It's been AGES.

    Patty Phillips