Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas! - More Andrew Photos

We have been trying to figure out how to get a decent shot of the two kids together for a while now with little luck. Our house is terribly dark leaving a narrow window of opportunity for photos when the sun is shining in and with Elizabeth being sick we have been trying to keep the two separated as best as we can. Now that they are both well again we tried to pose them some place safe where Elizabeth couldn't drop Andrew if he started to squirm, our bed. This photo was about the best we could do... Just what exactly do you think Andrew is thinking in this picture? I think it would make for a great caption contest! While we at it we also snapped off a few more a Andrew. Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I really love the close up with those lovely blue eyes on the colorful quilt. Miss you guys!

  2. Great pictures, you capture the moment perfectly! Elizabeth is sure having fun in one picture. Andrew looks like her little doll! Love the smiles and grin :) Love to all.