Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Princess Ellie

The name Princess Ellie is one that Grandma Lois and Grandpa Jan fondly call Elizabeth. Either that or the Jumping Juwawa . . . on most days, Elizabeth thinks that she is a cross between a monkey and a rabbit. She hops all over the house, hops to and from the park, hops to the car etc. Then when there is any opportunity to climb on something, she does. Elizabeth climbs on chairs, swings on the kitchen table or the stair railing, the pew at church etc. She loves the park as she can actually hop and climb on things that are meant to be hopped and climbed on.

I love this first picture. Elizabeth is sitting on her "big girl bed" which was my bed growing up. My dad got the bed from one of his infamous auction outings. The bed used to be painted white and my dad and I refinished it together when I was about 10.

Her latest "Elizabethisms"
Whenever Elizabeth is doing something she knows she is not supposed to, she says, "what is Elizabeth doing." Similar to her cousin Madeline who when she is doing something she is not supposed to says "look at me!!"

Elizabeth loves to ask what we are doing. However, she says, "what you doot?" It's absolutely precious as we hear it about 100 times a day.

Every evening, Elizabeth makes herself a cup of tea. It consists of dipping a decaf tea bag into warm tap water for about 10 seconds. She drinks her tea out of a plastic car coffee mug with a lid. Talk about entertainment. She is as happy as a clam, drinking her tea and telling mommy and daddy all about her day. Her vocab is pretty incredible. This morning (while drinking a morning cup of tea) Elizabeth heard Andrew crying in his room. She said to me, "mommy, you need to attend to Andrew right away." She somehow picked up the phrase "attend to" in the past two days. Her phrase yesterday was "get out of town."


  1. What a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents, thank you for all the picture updates!!

  2. You are right about Madeline, except it is more like "Wook at MEEEEEEE!"