Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow snow snow

Andrew has been the center of photo attention for the past month so we thought we'd give Elizabeth a little "face time." She is such a great big sister and really helps out mommy and daddy with Andrew. She is always trying to help change his diaper, feed him, get him a blanket or buckle him into his bouncy chair. Elizabeth loves being involved and loves being helpful. Not to say that having Andrew in the house has not been an adjustment for her. It has! Melt downs are pretty common place around here lately. Elizabeth is still learning how to share mommy and daddy's time which is a very difficult thing to learn for a 2 1/2 year old.

We actually took these photos back in November but they are very appropriate for today. We've had so much snow this winter that Elizabeth's little north facing sledding hill accross the street from our house has been covered since November. And good thing because Elizabeth likes to go sledding!


  1. High 40's and Drizzly snow for sledding for us :-(

    The joy in her face is contagious...I feel happier already!

  2. Love seeing such a joyful little snow babe! We got your card this week and I'm so taken by Andrew...what a gorgeous child! And beautiful photos to boot! We wish you all many blessings this year.