Friday, March 19, 2010

Hummingbird Elizabeth

Our little Elizabeth definitely marches to her own drummer. The above picture is of Elizabeth ready to go to church last Sunday. The priests absolutely love seeing her every Sunday as she runs up to them and gives them a big hug and tells them all kinds of stories about how she is going to get a chocolate doughnut after church or get to light one of the candles for Jesus. She has a beautiful imagination and every day she is up to something interesting. Lately, she has been calling me Hummingbird Mommy or Mommy Kate. For a few days she decided to call me mom but that didn't go over too well. I would like to be Mommy for a few more years anyway. And my mom is still Momma and always will be Momma to me. The other night I was singing Elizabeth some songs before she went to sleep. She said to me, "mommy, we're best friends." I of course was thrilled and told her that I would love to be her best friend and that I hoped that I was her best friend someday. She then said to me, I have to lick your nose now and before I knew it, she gave me a huge lick right across my nose and glasses. She laughed and laughed and said that now we were really best friends! I have no idea how she comes up with this stuff!
The above picture is Elizabeth attempting to get ready for bed one day last week. She likes to sleep with a stuffed animal or two but on this particular evening, she went a bit overboard. From front to back is Maryland crab, Baby Doll in her car seat, Curious George in his bouncy chair, Sarah Bear (named after her friend at school), teddy bear, The Swedish Chef, and her bag/box full of Little People. Needless to say, the herd was slimmed down prior to bedtime.

And you always need a friend to bounce with in the bouncy chair! Jesus Loves Me Bunny from Great Grandma Bunny is a good one!

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