Friday, September 24, 2010

Denver Botanic Gardens

I heard that the Denver Botanic Gardens had a new kids garden so Elizabeth, Andrew and I decided to check it out.  Elizabeth just loved it.  Andrew and I let Elizabeth "choose her own adventure" through the gardens and we just followed behind her, Andrew in his stroller and mommy with her camera.  Although Elizabeth doesn't really like getting her picture taken lately, I did manage to "trick" her into a couple of pictures.

It was wonderful to follow Elizabeth through the gardens and see them from her perspective.  She notices things that I would never notice and definitely traversed the gardens in a pattern I would not have chosen but it was fun to see her sense of direction and what seemed interesting to her.

I think that Elizabeth looks just like Avery in this picture.  Her adorable outfit is from the A&M collection.  Elizabeth would wear this skirt every day if we let her!  

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