Sunday, September 5, 2010

Elizabeth's favorite things

Elizabeth has such an amazing imagination.  She has imaginary friends like friendly alligators that come with her on errands and she loves to imagine that she is a butterfly, fluttering around the house.  Some of her favorite activities right now are head bands, band aids and playing catch with daddy.  I know, you are wondering how head bands and band aids can be activities but to a 3.25 year old, they really can.  I've mentioned head bands before; Elizabeth always has a different head band on and makes sure that everyone else has a head band as well.  If I take mine off, she notices immediately and asks me why I took my head band off, if I need a new head band and where is my head band.  I never knew head bands could be so interesting.
     Elizabeth is a very compassionate little girl and always looking out for Jan and I when we get "owies." If we have a scratch, Elizabeth is there with the box of band aids.  And don't worry, she will be sure to change our band aids 3-4 times a day if we let her.  She brings band aids to school for her teachers and friends, to the doctors office to give to the nurse and pediatrician and to church to give to the priest.  When we go to the park, she tries takes her band aids with her just in case she gets an owie but we say enough at that point.  Elizabeth is always prepared.  Another Elizabeth favorite is drawing/writing with a pen.  She is very interested in letters and learning how to write her name.  She tries really hard and I'm sure she will have it down in no time.  And of course George.  I think she loves George even more now as he reminds her of her brother.  Andrew is so very curious and always getting into something or some kind of mischief.  Silly Andrew, Elizabeth will say.  You are just so silly.

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