Monday, October 18, 2010

Andrew 10 months old

My handsome fellow turned 10 months old while we were visiting Michael, Court and the girls in Seattle so we did a little photo shoot together on Alki Beach (which from what I learned in Elizabeth's Larry Gets Lost in Seattle book is where the settlers first landed in Seattle).    Andrew enjoyed his first sand experience.  He hated being picked up and just wanted to crawl around in the sand.  He tried eating it twice and quickly learned that sand does not taste very good.

Andrew has learned so many new tricks the past month, the most monumental being that he started walking.  He can take about 4-5 steps before plopping down.  He's realized that he is a super fast crawler and can get where he is going much more efficiently by crawling.  He has also really started to love books.  I don't remember Elizabeth being as interested as Andrew is at this age in books.  He sits there and really studies them.  Andrew and Elizabeth continue to be great playmates.  This makes mommy and daddy very happy as they can entertain each other for a little while!  They are able to get each other laughing and giggling about something or the other all the time.

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