Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day at the Zoo - For the Birds

Last Friday we went to the Denver zoo with friends and had a very fun time.  We were greeted by the lion king when we entered the zoo.  He was pacing and roaring and then peed all over his rock throne.  Elizabeth asked why the lion peed right where he was standing for a few days afterwards.

They have a special Lorikeet center at the Denver zoo where you can feed the lorikeets.  I've been in there before but the birds were never hungry.  To try to maximize our lorikeet adventure, we were there right when the center opened in hopes of hungry birds.  Tiff was such a sport as little did I know at the time that she not only dislikes birds, she flat our hates the creatures.  And here we timed our entire zoo day adventure around the lorikeets!   To my delight, the birds were super hungry.  So hungry that they would just come on over and sit right on us!  It was wonderful!  Andrew was not too sure about the birds at first but he really liked them once he figured out that they were not going to hurt him (but they do nip a bit).

And what is the Denver zoo without a ride on the carousel.  Elizabeth chose the "Big Bad Wolf Dog" as her animal of choice.  She and Andrew alike love the carousel!

We had a picnic lunch on a nice grassy spot at the zoo.  It was mass chaos trying to feed our kids and our friends kids and keep them in one place but that is just how we roll anymore.  I don't know what I would do if we had a quiet meal!  Anyway, we had a visitor for our lunch, a very handsome peacock.  He walked right up to Elizabeth and Andrew and tried to get their food.  And then when we were leaving, we almost got hit in the head by some low flying Canadian Geese.  It was a day for the birds at the zoo!

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  1. andrew's getting big! LOVE the shot of him with the bird. CLASSIC. :)